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Home Tips: Causes Of Circuit Board Failure & How To Inspect It

The circuit boards around your home are the backbone of your electrical system. You should know what causes issues, and you should know if a circuit board is going bad. The following guide will help you find out this information, which may help prevent an issue or help catch a problem before it gets bigger.

A Few Causes of Circuit Board Failure

The following are just some of the things that can deteriorate a circuit board's life:


There really isn't much you can do to prevent your circuit board, or any other component of your electrical system, from aging; but you can make sure that you are aware of their life expectancy. The service panel may only last about 60 years, which could be significant if the electrical system in your home has not been thoroughly checked in many years.


Another issue that may put your entire panel in jeopardy is overheating. This could happen for all kinds of reasons, though the most common deal with using appliances that use up too much energy or forcing a section of your home to use more appliances than it can handle; this could cause your entire system to heat up. 

You can have your electrician check your home's electrical system to make sure that every room is wired to handle your power needs. You can usually tell that you are having this issue if you notice the following signs:

  • Circuit breaker is often triggered
  • You smell a burn-like smell coming from your plugs
  • You see sparks when you plug something up
  • You notice that some of the light fixtures lose power whenever you start up another appliance

Talk to your electrician as soon as you can should you notice these signs to keep you and your home safe.

Check For A Bad Circuit Board

All you need is your electrical system manual to locate your circuit boards. (If you don't have a manual to locate your system, your electrician can help you with this location). Once you have the location, check for the following:

  • Light to dark brown discoloration
  • Burned or soldered areas
  • Scratches or other surface damage
  • Signs of corrosion

If you notice any of the signs above, have a professional check this out for you. But even if the signs are not present, the circuit board may still be your problem. So if you suspect an issue, have an electrician investigate the issue further.

For more information, contact Trinity Electronics Systems circuit boards or a similar company.