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When my business had a successful quarter last year, I realized that we needed to update our sales floor. I started shopping around for brand new flat screen televisions and a new sound system, so that we could improve the ambiance of our showroom. It was stressful to shop around at first, but I was able to find a salesman that took the time to explain things to me. This blog is all about electronics, so that you can learn more about the products you might need to buy. Read here to learn more about exciting electronics features that you might enjoy.


Four Types Of US Shows You Can Access With An Android TV Box

Before the digital age, accessing television shows and networks was typically limited by the country you were in. Canada and the United States typically had their own programming that would only crossover if specific networks purchased the various programs and re-ran them. As the internet and digital TV expands, now you can have access to all types of content from all over the world. You can actually get all types of access to American content using an Android TV Box. Along with specific networks and streaming platforms, there are four types of US shows Canadians can enjoy through these streaming boxes. Browse through each type to see what kinds of shows you can access on your TV.

American Football

If you're a fan of American football and the NFL, then you can stream live games using an Android TV box. The boxes feature access to all types of American sports channels including Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and the NFL Network. There is access available to all of the team games. Guides can usually showcase the schedules and allow you to pick the exact game that you want to watch. Monday night games are also accessible through ESPN streaming channels.

Singing Reality Shows

America is home to a number of singing reality shows like America's Got Talent and The Voice. While Canada has their own versions of these shows, you may be interested in seeing the American versions. If this is the case, then you can stream these shows using the TV box. Not only can you watch live shows as they air in America, but you also have the opportunity to go back and relive full episodes from previous seasons.

MMA Sports

Mixed martial arts organizations like the UFC and Bellator offer evens on television and pay per view every month. If you are a big MMA fan, then you can enjoy the live fights each month through the streaming service. There are many US channels like Fox Sports and Spike TV that offer the live events. You can also get access to MMA reality shows like The Ultimate Fighter.

United States News & Politics

If you enjoy following news and stories in the United States, then you can get more comprehensive details and reporting with an Android TV box. These TV boxes give you access to news channels like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Having access to these news stations can give you up to date coverage, political news updates, and more details than new stations in Canada.

Once an Android TV box is set up, you can explore the different options and choose your favorite channels. For more information, contact companies like Yiphtach.