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4 Things Your School's New Custom Sports Display Should Feature

Whether you're replacing an old used one or purchasing your school's very first sports display, you'll find a large variety of options to choose from. Some offer just the basic functions while others are packed with features. Here are four specific features your school's new custom sports display should have to offer:

Digital Numbering

An important feature your sports display should have is digital numbering so that the sports scores can be easily seen from a distance and no matter where the fans happen to be seated during game time. A digital display is easy to use and can be controlled with just a few clicks of a button, and nobody has to sit around to manually change the display every time a point is scored.

Your School Logo

The school sports team members, the students, and the parents are sure to appreciate a new school display that features your school's logo. Displaying your school logo on the new sports display panel will set it apart from any others in your county and should help encourage a strong team spirit among all students. And a logo on the display will make it clear who the home team is when games are played at your school.

A Customizable Mounting System

Another feature that shouldn't be forgotten about when buying a new sports display is a customizable mounting system. This will allow you to move the display when necessary and to accommodate any structural changes that might be made to the school in the future. Your new display should have movable mounting racks on the back of it and should be mountable to a wall, a pole, or even to a stand on the ground. It should also be mountable from the top, the bottom, and both ends to meet your specific needs as time goes on.

A Shatterproof Surface

The surface of your new sports display should be made of tempered glass, Plexiglass, or another type of shatterproof material. Anything can happen at a football, baseball, or basketball game and if a ball hits the surface of a display that isn't shatterproof, it could be ruined and require a replacement. A shatterproof surface will ensure a long life of use that give you peace of mind in knowing that your school's money was spent well.

With all of these features in place, your school is sure to enjoy their new custom digital sports display for many years to come.